A Very COVID Thanksgiving

I call this one “A Very COVID Thanksgiving”. I guess I’ve made a political cartoon. This is an image in my head this holiday season. I truly hope people don’t gather outside of their immediate household, or their “quarantine pod” for Thanksgiving this year, because of the INCREDIBLY HIGH INCREASE IN COVID CASES EVERYWHERE. Just stay home folks. Stay with your pod. And maybe Mom, Dad, Grandma and Uncle Joey can make it to next Thanksgiving.

I made this one in Adobe Fresco again. It’s just so streamlined when it comes to just putting thought and color to the digtial canvas, as it were. No pretense. Just make something.

I enjoyed working on this with #ATD (Art Throw Down daily live stream on Instagram) today. @bwaydoorman2020, @art_of_the_funyan and @jlynch9923 usually host them everyday at 7:00 PM PST. It’s fun to work on things with others and their daily live stream is a nice preset time to plan on making something! Check them out!